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Elizabeth Joanne Gifford, PhD

Associate Research Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy





Elizabeth Snyder-Fickler, PhD

Research Scientist






Lindsay Terrell, MD





Megan Golonka, PhD

Research Scientist





Carmen Alban, BA

Senior Data Technician, Center for Child and Family Policy




Kelly Evans, MPH

Data Analyst






Rosie Rohrs, Post-Bachelors

Stephanie MacPherson, MD, Fellow

Julia Black, MD Student

Yuerong Liu, PhD, Post Doc

LaMani Adkins, MD Student

Laura Stilwell, MD/PhD Student

Madeleine Yancy, Undergraduate Student

Kristin Ankoma-Say, Undergraduate Student

Molly Kuehn, MD Student

Arianna Fischer, MPP Student

Brianna Joyce, Undergraduate Student