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Student Engagement

Student Engagement 

Our team strives to produce actionable research that practitioners and policy makers can incorporate in their work and decision making. To do that, we need to work closely with multisector leaders to understand the questions that they are seeking to answer as well as any challenges and opportunities that they are experiencing. To that end, our team is working to ensure that our research is informed by local and state leaders across a variety of sectors. Students can help drive this work through the following:


Summer Internship

  • Undergraduate students join the Child Maltreatment Prevention team for 10 weeks
  • Meeting with child maltreatment stakeholders and developing relationships
  • Researching weekly policy issues, legislations, and general topics
  • Developing a policy informed research agenda that the Bass Class can begin to tackle
  • Developing a presentation and a series of resources for the Bass Class that shares what was learned over the summer

Bass Connections

2023-2024 Team

  • Provides ongoing research opportunities for students with our team
  • Team will conduct a literature review of strategies addressing underlying needs of families across different sectors
  • Team will engage with local apartments of social services, healthcare systems, and policy makers to identify potential solutions
  • Team will incorporate findings into a broader research agenda on integration of health and social services for children at risk for maltreatment
  • Team will send findings to North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, policymakers, leaders and service providers
Policy+ 2023 cohort: Gracie Blackburn, Talia West, Alexa Fahrer
Policy+ 2023 cohort: Gracie Blackburn, Talia West, Alexa Fahrer